Coin Drops

Link –

This will take you to all the information about past and present coin drops. You will be able to preview the coins before the game begins.

How a Coin Drop Works

The process has been simplified to help even more out. Just follow these steps:

  1. A few minutes before the time of the coin drop, log into your account at
  2. Click the “Check it out” button in the coin drop box on your Account page.
  3. Image 1 of Coin Drop
  4. When the timer counts down to zero, you’ll see the coin drop interface appear. Swipe left until you see (on a touchscreen device), or click on the image (on a computer) of the coin you want.
  5. Image of Coin Drop Step 2
  6. Click on “I WANT ONE” button underneath the coin description.
  7. Image of Coin Drop Step 3
  8. Do this for all the coins you want to purchase. That’s it! That is all there is to it!

In addition to the above link, you can have 7k text you as a reminder that the coin drop is happening soon. Just follow these steps to sign up to receive these announcements (you will also get emails).

Never Miss Another Coin Drop

1 – Create a new text message.

2 – Enter your country code in the “to” field.

3 – Send “7k” as the body of the message.

Country Codes:
USA: 8332099777
CANADA: 8332099777
AUSTRALIA: 61480088229
U.K.: 4474911663966
SINGAPORE: 6582400304

*Normal rates based on your individual plan may apply, but no additional international costs will be incurred.

Once complete, you will receive an automatic text reply welcoming you!

Make sure to act quickly when the text messages come in so you can take advantage of the Coin Drops. Good luck!